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We  sell conferencing and simultaneous interpretation equipment from Bosch (Philips), a leader in the field of conferencing equipment.

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 Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment       

For small or large groups, in Meeting Rooms, Boardrooms or large function rooms -  We provide top of the range equipment and expertise for translation of up to 32 languages at any one time.

Bosch (Philips) Receivers & Headphones. Receivers are programmable for up to 32 language channels and have inbuilt noise reduction and an LCD display. The receivers are coupled with high quality lightweight headphones catering for comfort and high clarity of sound.




Bosch (Philips) Interpreter's Units. Features include a backlit LCD display and ergonomic design which makes the units very easy to use thus allowing fast language switching and headphone control.


Bosch DCN Interpreter's Units. Provides HiFi quality interpretation channels. With up to 32 languages the DCN easily handles the most demanding requirements of the international congress world. The ergonomically designed interpreter's unit is a powerful, intuitive tool for interpreters.




Bosch (Philips) Infra Red Radiators. Suitable for large or small rooms. These are powerful radiators with adjustable power output which can be mounted almost anywhere. A number of radiators can be interfaced together to provide coverage for extremely large or irregular shaped venues without loss of signal.


Conference Microphones       

We sell the following range of microphones for all your conferencing needs.

Bosch (Philips) Delegate Microphone. Powerful and crisp sound full of features such as extra long flexible stem, touch button operation, light ring indicating when microphone is on, built in loudspeaker and headphone socket with volume control.




Bosch (Philips) Chairman Microphone. This microphone contains all the features of the Delegate Microphone but has an additional 'Chairman Priority'  button allowing the chairman to take control of proceedings by muting all delegate microphones at the press of a button.






Bosch Concentus Microphones. Delegates and Chairman units featuring the innovative flatpanel loudspeaker that improves acoustic performance and reduces feedback, resulting in outstanding speech intelligibility.




We now sell the Integrus conferencing range of equipment from Bosch (Philips). Please contact us for more information on Integrus.

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